Taylor Sheridan, the writer and creator of “Yellowstone”, has received some criticism for his writing.

Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the show, made some comments about her character’s story as the show nears its end.

In a video, Reilly said that Sheridan’s writing for her character often surprises her.

She has her own ideas and thoughts for her character, having played her for almost five years.

However, she is still learning about her character and approaches it like an audience member.

There are times when she reads something unexpected in the script or wishes something different for her character.

She finds it interesting to see where the show is headed.

Reilly said that they follow the direction set by the creators of the show.

The first half of the fifth season of “Yellowstone” has finished filming amid some delays and Kevin Costner’s departure.

The Paramount Network announced in May that the show will end after the remaining episodes of season 5.