John Dutton** becomes governor and fights to protect his family's ranch.

 Sarah Atwood**, played by Dawn Olivieri, poses a lethal threat¹.

Clara Brewer**, played by Lilli Kay, is John's personal assistant and holds insider knowledge of the Duttons' plans.

Abby**, played by country singer Lainey Wilson, is a new character who might have a connection with other Taylor Sheridan shows.

The fight for Paradise Valley is coming to a head in season 5.

 Market Equities, the billionaire-backed real estate developers now represented by Sarah Atwood, pose the biggest threat yet to the Dutton Ranch.

 Sarah Atwood has set her crosshair first on Jamie Dutton, whom she has seduced and completely turned against his own family.

 Clara Brewer hears the ins and outs of the Duttons' plans, and is privy to the conversations of the governor's inner circle.

Abby's debut is a rare and relatively amiable first-time interaction with Beth Dutton.

 The show continues to expand its cast, raising the stakes even higher.