Kevin Costner, who plays the main character John Dutton in the TV show Yellowstone, is not happy.

The show was supposed to make more episodes, but Kevin Costner had other commitments.

There were rumors that Matthew McConaughey might take his place, but now it is said that he will make his own show instead.

Many people are worried that they will not see the rest of Season 5 of Yellowstone.

There is uncertainty about whether Yellowstone will continue after the last episode of Season 5.

The last episode of Yellowstone was very exciting.

Some people who work for the TV company told a newspaper that Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the show, do not get along.

It has been reported that Yellowstone will stop after the rest of Season 5.

One person who works on the show said that Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan respect each other, but they also fight.

Another person said that both Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan think they are very important.