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By august

9 One Piece mysteries

One Piece is a big and long story. It has many things that we don’t know yet. They are called mysteries. 1) One Piece mysteries

One mystery is why Zuneisha has to walk in the sea forever. Zuneisha is a big elephant with a city on her back. She did something bad long ago. 2) Zuneisha’s bad thing

Another mystery is the Voice of All Things. Some people can hear it. They can talk to animals and things. Some people with three eyes have it. 3) The Voice of All Things

All Blue is a special sea. It has fish and animals from all the other seas. Many people want to find it. 4) All Blue

There is a big straw hat in a secret place. It looks like Luffy’s hat. Luffy is the main character. He got his hat from Shanks. Shanks got it from Roger. They were all pirates. 5) Big straw hat

Im-sama is a very important person. He is the boss of the World Government. The World Government rules the world. Even the five leaders of the World Government listen to him. 6) Im-sama

Joy Boy was a pirate long ago. He left a big treasure on an island. The treasure is called One Piece. It is at the end of the sea. Many pirates want to find it. 7) Joy Boy

The Will of D. is a secret thing that some people have in their names. They have a D in their names, like Luffy, Roger, and Ace. They are special and brave people. We don’t know what the D means or why they have it. 8) The Will of D.