‘Rings Of Power’ Season 2 Teases Unexpected Character Crossovers

Major Characters Hundreds Of Miles Apart May Share The Battlefield

According to a new rumor from Fellowship of Fans, Season 2 of “The Rings of Power” could feature some unexpected character crossovers. The exclusive scoop claims that Arondir, Elrond, and Isildur may all end up on the same battlefield fighting against Adar’s army.

Where Were The Characters At The End Of Season 1?

This potential crossover is surprising considering how far apart these characters were geographically at the end of Season 1. Arondir was last seen heading to the port of Pelargir, while Isildur remained in the newly formed Mordor. Elrond was hundreds of miles north in the Elvish kingdom of Eregion.

Fast Travels In Season 1 Make Crossover Possible

Despite the vast distances, the showrunners have already demonstrated a willingness to cover large distances quickly in Season 1. Characters like Galadriel traveled across the sea and back in short order. So it’s plausible Arondir, Elrond and Isildur could converge for a battle scene.

Why Might These Characters Cross Paths?

While Arondir and Isildur are already relatively close in the south, Elrond linking up requires more explanation. One theory is the battle could involve the Rings of Power, bringing Elrond from Eregion to face Adar’s forces.

More Details Awaited

The details behind this potential crossover are still speculative. Fans will have to wait for more concrete news on what exactly brings these characters together in Season 2. But the rumor hints at an action-packed storyline ahead when the show returns.

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