marjorie harvey parents and thire relationship

The Challenging Upbringing of Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey was born in the United States to parents of African descent. Her mother, Doris Bridges, worked as a seamstress. Marjorie’s father was involved in drug dealing and was imprisoned when Marjorie was young. After her father’s arrest, Doris moved the family to a low-income housing project in Memphis, Tennessee.

Marjorie Harvey parents and thire Relationship-

Marjorie has been open about the difficulties she faced growing up in poverty and surrounded by violence. However, she credits her mother with instilling strong values and a strong work ethic that helped her overcome adversity.

Early Life in Memphis

Marjorie grew up in the housing projects in Memphis. Her community faced issues with crime, drugs, and poverty. At a young age, Marjorie witnessed shootings and other acts of violence in her neighborhood.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey's favorite hobbies and activities?

Her mother worked multiple jobs as a seamstress to support Marjorie and her siblings. Although they struggled financially, Doris emphasized the importance of education and doing good in the community. She taught Marjorie important life lessons about working hard and relying on faith.

Marjorie’s Principles and Work Ethic

Despite growing up in a challenging environment, Marjorie adopted an optimistic outlook and strong work ethic. She has attributed this perspective to the principles instilled by her mother.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey's favorite hobbies and activities?

Even as a child, Marjorie assisted her mother with household chores and caring for her younger siblings. She learned skills like cooking, cleaning, and sewing from her mother. This gave her a sense of responsibility and independence from a young age.

Later, Marjorie worked multiple jobs to support herself through school. She took experience as a babysitter, restaurant server, and more. Marjorie was willing to work hard at any job that could help fund her education and dreams.

Overcoming Adversity

The values of optimism, responsibility, faith, and diligence helped Marjorie overcome many obstacles. She has openly discussed prejudices she faced for her race and economic status growing up.

However, Marjorie did not let discrimination or her circumstances prevent her from pursuing her goals. She continued to believe in herself and her abilities. Marjorie credits this resilience to the foundation provided by her upbringing.

Marjorie earned excellent grades in high school and won a scholarship to the University of Memphis. She balanced working and studying to graduate with a degree in fashion merchandising. This accomplishment paved the way for Marjorie’s future career achievements.

Marjorie Harvey’s Career Success

After obtaining her degree, Marjorie steadily built a successful career in fashion. Her work ethic and eye for style served her well.

Early Fashion Jobs

Marjorie’s first jobs out of college were in retail at high-end department stores. She worked on the sales floor, providing excellent customer service and developing her product knowledge. Marjorie enjoyed interfacing with clients and providing fashion advice.

She quickly moved into buying roles with increased responsibility for purchasing merchandise. Marjorie had an instinct for spotting upcoming fashion trends. Her marketing education and innate sense of style made her an excellent buyer.

Transition to High Fashion

Marjorie leveraged her retail experience to land positions with luxury fashion brands. She worked directly for labels like Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton.

Her work involved closer collaboration with designers on developing collections. Marjorie traveled to fashion weeks in Europe to provide feedback on new styles. She helped fashion houses predict upcoming trends and purchase inventory accordingly.

In these roles, Marjorie cemented her status as an expert in high fashion. Her opinion became invaluable to luxury brands seeking to market their products to American audiences.

Starting Marjorie Harvey Handbags

Eventually, Marjorie sought to apply her expertise by launching her own fashion label. She founded Marjorie Harvey Handbags in 2011.

The handbag collection draws inspiration from Marjorie’s passion for high fashion and exotic travel. The designs incorporate premium materials like crocodile skin and soft leathers. She works closely with Italian manufacturers to produce quality craftsmanship.

Marjorie Harvey Handbags has grown into a highly successful luxury brand. Her products are sold through the Home Shopping Network and stores across the country. Marjorie’s business exemplifies how she has leveraged her skills and work ethic into an entrepreneurial success.

Marjorie Harvey’s Marriage to Steve Harvey

In addition to her fashion career, Marjorie Harvey is known as the wife of comedian and television host Steve Harvey. She met Steve in 1990 at a Memphis comedy club. However, they did not begin dating until years later, reconnecting in 2005.

Steve had been through two divorces already when he and Marjorie started dating. Despite reservations about marrying again, their connection grew into a loving relationship.

A Long-Delayed Wedding

Steve and Marjorie dated for nearly two years before Steve proposed in December 2005. He was actually on his knee proposing when Marjorie coincidentally called to break things off due to his reluctance to get married!

Once she realized he was finally ready for commitment, Marjorie happily accepted. They planned a wedding for the following year.

However, the wedding planning hit some roadblocks. Steve’s divorce was not yet finalized, leading to delays receiving the marriage license. They experienced further delays when Steve underwent knee surgery.

A Beautiful Beach Wedding

After over a year of planning, Steve and Marjorie were finally married on June 25, 2007. They held an exquisite destination wedding on a beach in Turks and Caicos.

Marjorie wore a beautiful Ines Di Santo gown with silk flowers in her hair. Their wedding incorporated both traditional and African elements to honor their heritage.

Despite the long journey, Steve has said his wedding to Marjorie was well worth the wait. Their families blended beautifully as they became committed partners.

Marjorie’s Role as Stepmother

With their marriage, Marjorie also became stepmother to Steve’s four children from past relationships. She maintains a caring relationship with all her stepchildren.

Marjorie has said adjusting to the sacrifices of motherhood was initially challenging. However, she embraces her duty to be a guiding maternal figure in their lives.

Steve credits Marjorie’s patience and compassion with helping to blend their family. He admires her ability to be a caring stepmom while also pursuing her career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marjorie Harvey

Here are answers to some common questions about Marjorie Harvey’s life and background:

Where is Marjorie Harvey from originally?

Marjorie Harvey was born in the United States to parents of African American descent. She grew up primarily in Memphis, Tennessee.

What kind of jobs did Marjorie have early in her career?

Marjorie worked retail jobs in high-end department stores after graduating college. She then transitioned into fashion buying roles and worked for luxury brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

How did Marjorie meet Steve Harvey?

Marjorie and Steve Harvey met in 1990 when she attended one of his comedy shows in Memphis. They later reconnected and began dating in 2005.

How many times has Steve Harvey been married?

Steve Harvey has been married three times. Marjorie is his third wife. He was previously married to Marcia Harvey and Mary Shackelford.

What caused delays in Marjorie and Steve’s wedding?

Steve was still finalizing his second divorce when they first planned their wedding. Later, they postponed due to Steve’s knee surgery. They finally married in 2007.

Where did Steve and Marjorie get married?

Steve and Marjorie had a destination beach wedding in Turks and Caicos in June 2007. Marjorie wore an Ines Di Santo gown.

How does Marjorie get along with Steve’s kids?

Marjorie is stepmother to Steve’s four children from previous marriages. She has a caring relationship with all of her stepchildren.

What fashion brands has Marjorie worked for?

Some key brands Marjorie has worked for include Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs. She gained expertise in luxury fashion.

When did Marjorie launch her handbag company?

Marjorie founded Marjorie Harvey Handbags in 2011. Her designs are now sold through retailers like the Home Shopping Network.

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