Is Shelter the Next Big Thing on Prime Video? A Review of Episodes 1-3

Harlan Coben’s latest novel-to-screen adaptation Shelter arrives on Prime Video, bringing the mystery and intrigue Coben is known for to the small screen. The series follows forensic psychiatrist Dr. Mickey Bolitar (JJ Feild) as he delves into his patients’ minds and helps solve mysteries for the police. The first three episodes set up an engaging story with complex characters, making Shelter worth adding to your watchlist.

Episode 1 Review: Meeting the Characters

The first episode introduces us to our protagonist Mickey and the inner workings of his practice. Right away we get a sense of Mickey’s intellect and his unorthodox methods to reach his patients. Within the first few minutes he has broken patient confidentiality, directly calling out a patient’s lie in a session. While his methods are questionable, they provide insight into his character.

We also meet Mickey’s partner Heather (Shanley Caswell) who assists with his practice while providing some comic relief. Their banter lightens the mood between intense therapy sessions. It’s clear Heather’s wit and sarcasm will continue to balance Mickey’s serious nature.

The episode centers around Mickey’s new patient Ryan (Eden Brolin) who arrives at his practice under suspicious circumstances that are slowly revealed through their sessions. Ryan’s vague responses raise red flags for Mickey and Detective Soriano (Jesse C. Boyd) who has sought Mickey’s help with cases before.

There’s an underlying sinister tone as we realize Ryan may be connected to the disappearance of a young woman Mickey and Soriano are investigating. The mystery is built steadily in this first episode, encouraging you to keep watching to learn more about Ryan’s possible connection to this crime.

Episode 2 Review: Deepening the Mystery

In episode two, Mickey continues to meet with the person of interest, Ryan, slowly gaining bits and pieces about his connection to the missing woman, Rebecca. Their sessions intensify as Mickey confronts Ryan about the case.

We also get glimpses into Mickey’s past trauma regarding his father through sessions with his own psychiatrist Dr. Shrier (Michael Aronov). Their discussions reveal Mickey’s strained relationship with his father due to his criminal history. Coben fans will recognize the character Mickey Bolitar from several of the author’s young adult books. These brief scenes nod to the character’s origins.

Ryan’s cryptic statements about wanting to “bury her pain” raise suspicions about Rebecca’s fate. Mickey enlists Heather’s help to uncover more information about both Rebecca and Ryan’s backgrounds. As their research collides with Detective Soriano’s investigation, the mystery thickens.

The episode culminates when Mickey ultimately gets Ryan to confess to killing Rebecca. This confession propels the story forward, but leaves lingering questions about his motives and if he worked alone.

Episode 3 Review: Digging Deeper into the Mystery

After Ryan’s confession, this episode focuses on the aftermath. Mickey copes with breaking patient confidentiality to reveal Ryan’s guilt to the police. His reputation is questioned by colleagues at an uncomfortable faculty party.

Meanwhile, Detective Soriano searches for Rebecca’s body based on details from Ryan’s confession. When the body is not found where Ryan claimed, Mickey suspects the confession may have been coerced or fabricated.

We get more insight into Mickey’s past when his father Mitch (Steven Weber) is introduced. Their strained relationship adds another complex layer to Mickey’s backstory. Brief flashbacks reveal a traumatic childhood memory related to his father’s criminal history.

By the end, Ryan is released due to lack of evidence. But Mickey remains unconvinced of his innocence and continues probing into Rebecca’s disappearance and who was really behind it.

Is Shelter Worth Watching Based on the First 3 Episodes?

The first three episodes of Shelter effectively establish the show’s underlying mystery while introducing intriguing, complicated characters. Coben excels at character-driven plots thick with tension. The show translates his engrossing storytelling style successfully to the screen.

JJ Feild gives a stellar, nuanced performance as the multilayered Mickey. The psychology-driven narrative allows us to peel back the layers slowly, keeping you guessing about Mickey’s motives and past.

With each episode the mystery develops instead of moving quickly to answers. This measured storytelling is what makes Coben’s work so gripping. Shelter stays true to his signature style.

The show hits the sweet spot between drama and witty humor. Moments of levity and pop culture references balance the darker mystery elements.

Based on the first three episodes, Shelter is shaping up to be a binge-worthy psychological thriller. If you enjoy slowly unraveling character studies loaded with mystery, add Shelter to your Prime Video queue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shelter

Who is the main character?

The main character is Dr. Mickey Bolitar, a forensic psychiatrist who helps the police solve mysterious cases while also counseling his own intriguing patients. He is portrayed by JJ Feild.

What is the show about?

The show centers around Mickey and his partner Heather as they become involved in investigating the disappearance of a young woman named Rebecca. Through Mickey’s sessions with an enigmatic new patient, they uncover clues about what happened to Rebecca.

When does it take place?

Shelter takes place in the present-day. The exact location is unknown but appears to be a large city in the United States based on landscapes and police headquarters shown.

How does it connect to Harlan Coben’s novels?

The main character, Mickey Bolitar, originated in several of Harlan Coben’s young adult mystery novels including Shelter, Seconds Away, and Found. The show is not directly based on those books but includes the Mickey character and his backstory with nods to the novels.

Is it a limited or ongoing series?

Shelter is planned as a limited series with 8 episodes total in the first season. It’s unclear if additional seasons will be made.

Who else stars in it?

Along with JJ Feild, other main cast members include Shanley Caswell as Mickey’s partner Heather, Eden Brolin as the mysterious patient Ryan, and Jesse C. Boyd as Detective Soriano. Steven Weber guest stars as Mickey’s estranged father.

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