‘Blue Bloods’ Renewed for Season 14, Bringing More Reagan Family Traditions

CBS has officially announced the renewal of the hit drama ‘Blue Bloods’ for a 14th season. This makes the show one of the longest-running primetime dramas currently on network television. ‘Blue Bloods’ first premiered in 2010 and has maintained strong ratings throughout its 13 seasons so far.

Overview of ‘Blue Bloods’

'Blue Bloods' Stars Stand up After CBS Tends to the Eventual fate of the Show-
‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Stand up After CBS Tends to the Eventual fate of the Show-

‘Blue Bloods’ centers around the Irish-American Reagan family living in New York City. The patriarch of the family is Frank Reagan, played by veteran actor Tom Selleck. Frank is the New York Police Commissioner and runs his department while also trying to keep his family together. The family members are all involved in law enforcement in some way. Frank’s oldest son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a seasoned detective, while younger son Jamie (Will Estes) has followed in his father’s footsteps in rising through the ranks to become an officer. Frank’s only daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) works as an Assistant District Attorney. Rounding out the main cast is Frank’s father Henry (Len Cariou), a former commissioner himself who often helps advise his son on work and family matters.

The show balances the family drama and relationships between the Reagans with the weekly police cases they find themselves involved in. While Frank handles the politics and big decisions as Commissioner, Danny and Jamie team up to investigate crimes out in the field. Erin prosecutes the important cases that come across her desk. The entire family gathers together for a weekly Sunday dinner, where current issues are discussed and debated. This provides a glimpse into the Reagan family dynamic as they hash out their differing opinions and viewpoints on the criminal justice system. However imperfect, the Reagan clan remains dedicated to one another and the family dinner tradition.

'Blue Bloods' Stars Stand up After CBS Tends to the Eventual fate of the Show-

Reasons for the Show’s Popularity

There are several key reasons ‘Blue Bloods’ has sustained its popularity after over a decade on the air:

  • Strong central cast: Tom Selleck leads the excellent ensemble cast featuring established actors like Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. The cast has fantastic chemistry together on screen.
  • Focus on relationships: While there are weekly procedural cases, the heart of the show is the Reagan family dynamic. Viewers love watching their interactions.
  • Mix of family and police drama: The combination of family issues, ethical dilemmas, and criminal investigations provides the right blend to consistently engage viewers.
  • Traditional values: In a TV landscape filled with antiheroes, the Reagan family upholds moral principles and traditional values, which many viewers find appealing.
  • Procedural elements: The contained weekly stories allow casual viewing while also developing the show’s world and characters over time.

CBS’s Reaction to Season 14 Renewal

CBS and the executives at the network are undoubtedly thrilled to have ‘Blue Bloods’ returning for season 14. Amy Reisenbach, current head of CBS Entertainment, praised the entire cast and crew in announcing the renewal. She highlighted Tom Selleck’s outstanding work along with executive producer Kevin Wade and his team.

The show continues to garner impressive viewership numbers in its Friday night time slot. During season 13, ‘Blue Bloods’ averaged over 7 million live viewers per episode. For a network procedural in its 13th season, these are very solid ratings that clearly factored into CBS’s decision to renew the series.

Audiences still clearly enjoy stepping into the Reagan family home each week and watching how they handle tricky situations. CBS benefits from having a reliable, highly-rated show like ‘Blue Bloods’ as part of their schedule. The renewal provides stability for the network while also giving fans more of the stories and characters they know and love.

Reactions from the Cast and Crew

Unsurprisingly, the cast and crew of ‘Blue Bloods’ were overjoyed with the news that they would be returning for season 14. Several members of the cast shared their excitement on social media.

Donnie Wahlberg posted a video on the show’s official Instagram page displaying his gratitude. Bridget Moynahan tweeted that she was “beyond happy” to continue bringing ADA Erin Reagan to life. Will Estes said he was “fired up” for more seasons with the Reagan family. Other cast members like Len Cariou and Steve Schirripa also chimed in with praise and enthusiasm about their renewal.

Showrunner Kevin Wade released a statement saying he was honored and thankful for the opportunity to tell more ‘Blue Bloods’ stories. He also gave credit to the incredible cast and crew he works with for making the show a continued success.

It’s clear that everyone involved with the show deeply appreciates the continued support from loyal viewers. They enjoyed over a decade of steady work on a popular network series that doesn’t come around too often. The positive response from the cast demonstrates how close-knit they are even after 13 seasons of working together.

What Fans Can Expect from Season 14

While full details of what season 14 will cover are not yet known, fans can make some educated guesses based on the direction of season 13. The central story will undoubtedly continue to follow the Reagan family working various cases and navigating family issues.

Some potential storylines that may play out include:

  • Danny/Baez partnership – Danny’s partnership with Maria Baez has been one of the most consistent elements of the show. Season 13 hinted at Baez considering retirement, which could shake things up for Danny.
  • Jamie/Eddie marriage – Season 13 focused on obstacles in newlyweds Jamie and Eddie’s marriage. Season 14 could cover them overcoming issues and settling into married life.
  • Frank’s ethical struggles – Frank has a tendency to clash with the Mayor and District Attorney’s office over ethical issues. These debates will continue as Frank tries to uphold principles.
  • Erin’s ambitions – Erin has political ambitions that sometimes conflict with her work. Season 14 might involve tough career choices and/or a run for higher office.
  • Reagan family dynamics – Ongoing family issues, Sunday dinners, and interpersonal relationships will be highlighted per usual.

While the show has been successful with its procedural case-of-the-week format, fans appreciate the consistency of the Reagan family dynamic and relationships between characters they’ve grown to love. Season 14 is sure to feature the right blend of new cases, ethical debates, and family moments fans enjoy.


The remarkably consistent run of ‘Blue Bloods’ is a testament to the strong writing and excellent cast that breathe life into the Reagan family each week. Season 14 allows viewers to continue enjoying a show that manages to feel fresh even after 260+ episodes. Fans were thrilled at the news because it means more heartfelt family moments, police cases, and moral struggles to look forward to in the upcoming season.

Tom Selleck said it best: “The program has always had a poignant down-to-earth quality about it — and I think that’s one of the keys to its success over the years.”

Here’s hoping that the Reagan family traditions continue for many more seasons on CBS.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Renewal

1. When will Season 14 of Blue Bloods premiere?

No official premiere date has been set yet for Season 14. Based on previous seasons, it will likely debut in late September or early October 2023.

2. What cast members are returning for Season 14?

Series regulars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, and Marisa Ramirez are all expected to return.

3. Is Blue Bloods ending after Season 14?

There is no indication yet that Season 14 would be the show’s last. As long as ratings remain strong, CBS may potentially renew it again for Season 15.

4. How many episodes will there be in Season 14?

Like previous seasons, Season 14 will likely consist of 22-23 episodes airing from Fall 2023 through Spring 2024.

5. Will the show continue the Sunday family dinner tradition in S14?

Yes, the weekly family dinners where the Reagans debate current issues will remain a core tradition of the show in the new season.

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