1923 Season 2: Everything We Know So Far About the Yellowstone Prequel’s Next Chapter

Release Date

Paramount+ has already renewed 1923 for a second season, much to the delight of fans. However, an exact release date for season 2 has not been announced yet.

Production was originally slated to begin in summer 2023 in Montana. However, it has now been delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing SAG and WGA strikes in Hollywood. This means season 2 likely won’t premiere until at least late 2023 or 2024. Fans will have to stay patient for more details.


While the script is still being finalized, we can expect most of the main cast to return for season 2:

  • Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton
  • Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
  • Darren Mann as Jack Dutton
  • Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford
  • Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton
  • Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton
  • Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield
  • Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud

Sadly, Brandon Sklenar confirmed that Arthur, played by Brian Geraghty, will not return after his fatal fall in season 1.

The cast has expressed enthusiasm about returning and exploring their characters more in season 2. Helen Mirren said she’s “fascinated to see where Cara is going to go” and Harrison Ford confirmed he is “excited to do another season.”

Potential Storylines

Season 1 ended on major cliffhangers that set up plenty of storylines for season 2:

  • The Duttons could lose their Yellowstone ranch after Donald Whitfield paid their back taxes. They will likely have to fight to get their land back.
  • Elizabeth will continue dealing with the emotional fallout of her miscarriage.
  • Newlyweds Alexandra and Spencer could face more strain after Arthur’s accidental death.
  • Cara’s secret letter to Spencer suggests the Dutton legacy is in jeopardy. Spencer may have to fight to save it.
  • We’ll likely see the consequences of Arthur’s death play out with the royal family.
  • Alexandra and Teonna Rainwater may finally get to meet the rest of the Dutton family.
  • Elizabeth and Teonna could find new purposes beyond just starting families.
  • Spencer will be a changed man after the events of season 1. He may go down a dark path.

The cast has hinted at exciting new directions for their characters. It seems season 2 will ramp up the drama, conflicts, and stakes even higher.

What Questions Need Answering in Season 2?

1. Will the Duttons get their ranch back?

The biggest cliffhanger is whether the Duttons can scrape together enough money to repay Donald Whitfield and regain ownership of Yellowstone. If not, what will they do and where will they go?

2. How will the Duttons respond to Arthur’s death?

Arthur’s accidental death at the hands of Spencer will likely have major repercussions with Jacob and Cara. How will they deal with Spencer now?

3. What new threats will emerge?

Cara’s letter suggests outside forces are threatening the Duttons. Who or what is endangering their legacy and how will they fight back?

4. Will Spencer redeem himself or go dark?

Spencer ended season 1 in a dark place. Will he try to make amends in season 2 or will he go down an even darker path? His role in Arthur’s death could push him either way.

5. Will Alexandra return to Spencer?

Alexandra and Spencer were separated at the end of season 1. Will Alex make her way back to Spencer or forge her own path forward?

6. How far will Elizabeth’s emancipation go?

Elizabeth experienced crushing loss in season 1. Will she transform and gain more independence in season 2?

7. Which new characters will emerge?

Part of the excitement of a new season is seeing which new characters emerge. Who will play hero and villain roles in the next chapter of the Dutton saga?

What Do the Cast and Crew Reveal About Season 2?

The cast and crew have dropped some hints about what’s to come in season 2 without giving too much away:

  • Showrunner Taylor Sheridan said Cara will stay true to her era but “things are going to happen” that challenge her role.
  • Helen Mirren wants to explore how Cara’s strength is tested as dangers mount.
  • Harrison Ford says the heavy workload was demanding but worth it for such an “ambitious” show.
  • Brandon Sklenar teased a tonal shift and more pain for Spencer as he becomes a “different man.”
  • Michelle Randolph wants Elizabeth to gain more independence and purpose outside of romance.
  • Darren Mann hinted at lots of drama, tensions, and ” Steam…and sweat” in season 2.

While details are scarce, the cast and crew’s comments signal that season 2 will ramp up the drama, expand character growth, and further test the Dutton family.

What Role Will 1923 Play in Expanding the Dutton Universe?

1923 is part of Taylor Sheridan’s growing Yellowstone universe on Paramount+. The prequel series depicts the early Dutton family, while 1883 explored the previous generation.

Season 2 of 1923 will likely expand the Dutton mythology even more and lay groundwork for the flagship Yellowstone series. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan has said his goal is to create an immersive, decade-spanning saga following the Duttons.

There are also rumors of a new spinoff, called 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, in development. Bass Reeves was a Black deputy marshal who helped pave the way for law and order in the Old West. Exploring more diverse stories could add fresh perspectives to the Western saga.

The Yellowstone universe is ambitious in scope and 1923’s second season will play a key role in enriching that storytelling landscape. The Dutton origin story still has many untold chapters left to explore.

What Other Yellowstone-Related Shows Are in Development?

Aside from 1923, Taylor Sheridan has several other shows expanding the Yellowstone universe:

  • 1883 – Follows the Dutton family one generation earlier as they journey West. Already renewed for a second season.
  • 1883: The Bass Reeves Story – Reportedly in development about the legendary Black marshal Bass Reeves.
  • 6666 – Forthcoming series set at the 6666 (Four Sixes) cattle ranch in Texas.
  • Yellowstone – The flagship drama series following the modern-day Dutton family. Renewed through season 5.
  • Tulsa King – Mob drama starring Sylvester Stallone as a New York mafia capo starting over in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sheridan has even more shows in development beyond just the Western/Dutton universe, making him one of the busiest showrunners in Hollywood. The Yellowstone franchise is primed to grow even bigger with 1923 as a central pillar.

What Other Period Dramas Can Fans Watch While Waiting for Season 2?

The long wait until 1923 returns may have fans searching for shows to fill the Western period drama void. Here are some excellent options:

  • Deadwood – Profane Western series on HBO about a lawless Dakota gold-rush town.
  • Godless – Netflix limited series about an outlaw gang terrorizing a small Western town.
  • Hell on Wheels – AMC drama following the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad.
  • Barkskins – National Geographic series about settlers and traders in late 1600s Canada.
  • The Son – Pierre Pierce Brosnan stars in this AMC show about a Texas ranching and oil dynasty.
  • Dickinson – Unconventional Emily Dickinson coming-of-age story set in 1800s New England.
  • The Alienist – Gripping TNT mystery thriller about early criminal psychology and forensics in 1890s New York.

Until season 2 arrives, these engrossing, award-winning period dramas are worth diving into, especially for 1923 fans craving more historical fiction.

The Bottom Line

While an exact premiere date is still unknown, a second season of 1923 is definitely happening despite production delays. Fans can expect the return of the main cast and even more drama, turmoil, growth, and revelations in store for the Dutton family.

Season 2 will expand the storytelling landscape of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone origin series on Paramount+ as it delves deeper into the Duttons’ sprawling multi-generational saga. We’ll have to wait patiently for official details, but the next chapter promises to be well worth it.

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